Building a Brand: 6 Tips for a Brandable Business

Building a Brand: 6 Tips for a Brandable Business

It’s easy for businesses to get lost amongst competitors. For this reason, creating a brand that is memorable and unique is an integral step in building a successful business. Maximizing visibility, establishing relationships, and showing consistency are all key elements in creating an effective brand.

Here are six ways you can extend your reach and increase brand recognition.

Make Your Brand Visible and Approachable: Building a Brand

The key to successfully marketing your business is to build a strong brand that is recognizable and reaches a large audience. You can create greater brand exposure by developing a presence across multiple platforms. When it comes to social media sites, determine where your ideal client spends the majority of his or her time. You can use Google Analytics to identify the demographic most interested in your product and then see which social media sites drive the most customers to your home page. By doing this you can zero in on the most effective means of communication.

In addition, improve your search engine optimization ranking by noting words or phrases most commonly used by your clients when seeking information about your product. Place the search terms in your titles, tags, and text of your webpages. This will make it easier for you to be located in search engine queries. This includes choosing a website name that is memorable. You want visitors to be able to easily type your website in online.

Another way to gain the attention of potential buyers is to get involved in the community. You can host an event at a location or simply feature one online. Invite those who have the most to gain from your product. By reaching out to the public, you will build a brand others feel is more accessible and approachable.

Build Long-term Relationships with Customers

You want your customers to trust you and the integrity of your brand. In order to achieve success, you need to stay true to your company’s values. Always keeping an open line of communication with consumers is key. Quickly respond to customer questions on social media. Monitoring your brand online is important in keeping up with what is being said about your product. You always want to have a voice in the conversation to ensure the portrayal of your product is positive and in keeping with your brand message. Use online tools such as Hootsuite to receive notifications about brand mentions.

Try writing a monthly or weekly newsletter to let contacts know how your brand has developed.

Offer valuable information or tips so consumers will continue to read your materials. Reaching out to customers in this way will establish your brand and give others a better idea of what you represent.

Establish the Tone of Your Brand: Building a Brand

One key to creating a successful brand is identifying a tone of voice that can be used in print and online materials. Your tone should be evident in your style of writing and words you use with customers. A brand voice works in conjunction with your brand name and logo to communicate who you are. Customers should come away with a clear depiction of your company after reading your publications or communicating with your representatives.

Make sure all of your employees have been trained in how to speak and write using the brand’s voice. A consistent brand voice reinforces your company values. Companies such as Netflix have successfully tackled the social media world by tapping into its audience of media lovers using its brand voice. The company uses language that appeals to its audience with company lingo.

Familiarize Yourself with Influencers in Your Industry

Reaching out and connecting with influencers in your industry can help add to your credibility. Make sure the person has values that align with your own and extensive knowledge on your topic of interest. One way to make a connection is by mentioning the influencer in blog posts or reposting their content.

Chances are they are monitoring their online mentions and will notice your efforts. This may lead them to share your materials with their audience extending your reach.

Distinguish Your Products or Service

Competitors will be present in any market you enter. Just as it is important to know your audience, it’s equally vital to find out as much as you can about your competition. Visit their site, social media pages, and view their marketing content. See how they have strategized to gain clients.

Once you have noted their trademarks, try to one up your competition by distinguishing your own brand and offering customers something they can’t readily find elsewhere. Target online platforms where you see room for growth or markets others in your field have not concentrated on.

Offer Your Customers Value: Building a Brand

Offering your customers something valuable extends beyond simply the product or service you are selling. From social media to a weekly newsletter, you want to offer customers a constant stream of useful information. This will help your brand stick in their mind and encourages them to return to your sites for content. Determine the types of posts that garner the most attention. You will then have a good idea about the type of content you should be posting. For example, often times customers respond well to visual content such as videos and infographics.

Get to know your customers and keep things simple. You have the tools, now use them!

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